Welcome to the Severn Valley Railway Volunteer Liaison Office


Your Railway Needs Your Help!

7812 Erlestoke Manor with the re-opening train, March 21st 2008. Photo: Tom Clarke

The Line for all seasons!

Give us a little of your spare time, meet new friends, enjoy yourself and learn new skills whilst helping us run the Severn Valley Railway.

In order to become a volunteer,  you need to become a member of the SVR Guarantee Company. This means that, when you are working as a volunteer, you are covered by the Company's insurance. Details of becoming a member, current rates and renewal of membership can be found on the Railway's main website - www.svr.co.uk.

General Information

For general information on the Severn Valley, such as timetables, special events and catering, please visit www.svr.co.uk.

Please note that all clothing sold throught this site is only available to SVR volunteers as the prices quoted are discounted for them by the railway.


Please contact VLO for details of current vacancies.